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To play you must have either AIM or Apprentice.


To get AIM goto http://www.aim.com
Download the playing field and the MRL patch at yugioh dungeon also.
Then when you have either Apprentice or AIM Email me at mailto:Dark_Kaiba7654@hotmail.com and we will set up a tournament of sorts.
1.  All games go by the same tournament rules and Card Restrictions as set by Upper Deck Entertainment.
2.  In all games Apprentice and AIM you must use your real deck (except on free day tournaments in which you can create any deck as long as it follows rule #1)and be truthfull about what you draw.
3.  If you think someone is cheating do not cuss them out please just email me.
4. Have fun this is not about winning it is just an oppurtunity to test your deck against other players.