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Millenium Puzzle:

Owner: Yugi Mutou
Abilities: Mind Crush, ability to destroy the evil soul in a person.
Spirit: The Ancient Pharaoh that first enclosed the energies within the items.
Summary: This ancient millenium item is wielded by Yugi Moto. It was a puzzle given to him by his grandfather to solve. Grandpa felt Yugi was "destined" to have it. Yugi completed it, and now whenever he duels, he transforms into Yami Yugi.



Millenium Ring:

Owner: Ryou Bakura
Abilities: Soul Removal, ability to locate other Millenium Items with its pointers.
Spirit: An ancient thief.
Summary: The Millenium Ring was given to Bakura by his father. As with Yugi, his fatheralso thought Bakura was destined to have it. This has the ability to locate other items with its pointers. Unfortunately, the spirit within the ring is an evil thief who steals souls and has dark intentions to get all seven millenium items.


Millenium Eye:

Owner: Ryou Bakura(previously:Pegasus)                                                                                                                                                 Abilities: Mind Read, ability to read one's mind or look through one's eyes
Spirit: Unknown
Summary: The origin of the Millenium Eye is Shadi who Pegasus' followed after he was told not to. Shadi tested him in order to see if he was worthy. Pegasus uses it to see his opponent's hand in duels, or to just read their mind. He also uses it to steal souls. At the end of the
Duelist Kingdom tournament, after using all his shadow powers to duel Yugi, his mind was weak  and Bakura took the Eye.



Millenium Ankh:

Owner: Shadi
Abilities: Ability to see into one's heart and mind to see if he/she is lying.
Spirit: None
Summary: This item is wielded by Shadi. It allows him to open one's heart and mind so he can "judge" them.It can also change a person's personality according to the owner's will.



Millenium Scale:

Owner: Shadi
Abilities: Can judge a person based on personality and can punish the person if he/she is dishonest.
Spirit: None
Summary: The main ability of this scale is that if the owner asks a question, if the person answering is dishonest the Scale has the power to "punish" that person.



Millenium Tauk:

Owner: Isis (later: Yugi Mutou)
Abilities: Can show the near future, although a wielder of another Millenium Item may alter that future.
Spirit: None
Summary: Isis Ishtal wields the Millenium Tauk. In
Battle City she uses it to show the past and near future to Kaiba and Yugi. When Yugi alters this future, the Tauk loses its power, so Isis hands it over to Yugi.



Millenium Rod:

Owner: Malik Ishtal
Abilities: Can take control of a person's body, and can be transformed into a dagger.
Spirit: Possibly Yami Malik
Summary: This Millenium item is wielded by Malik Ishtal, the psycho guy from the
Battle City. He uses it to control people or as a weapon. Either way, Yami Malik is one psycho character.