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DarkKaiba 10/5/02:  Yay I got the Millenium Items page up and am now linked to Yugioh topsites so please go here to vote for me Vote
DarkKaiba 10/4/02:  Alright its starting to come together I have the Rulebook up and am working on the character info.  also u can email me now.  Also you can IM me with AIM at DarkKaiba7654.
DarkKaiba 10/3/02:  Yes! Well I have the Pictures page up and running and will continue to add pictures.  Also up today is the Play Yu-Gi-Oh Online page a unique oppurtunity to test your deck against many other players so take a look.
DarkKaiba 9/30/02:  Hey well i'm tryin to get this up so plz be patient!